In our quest to provide you a time of your life when you visit Eden, we make sure that every bit of chance you take would be through its offered experiences!

Become acquainted with nature and indulge in an authentic mountain experience – marked by cool crisp mountain air while enjoying the spectacular views of pine trees which  exquisitely blend well with its background.

How many new adventures can you experience over a lifetime? What number would you give it? The answer is indefinite, given the infinite possibilities within this 80-hectare resort and your imagination, for you to explore.

Eden invites you to take it easy in a private leisure where you can savor quality and intimate moments with family, catch up on your reading or simply sit back and entertain your thoughts.

Beyond street dances, arts and festivals, Tinubdan presents a window to take a peek of the lives lived by our Mindanaon ancestors. Tinubdan gives you entirely new appreciation of cultural treasures.

Food found in abundant flavors in the careful preparation of natural fresh raw ingredients, in the specialties of this extraordinary marriage between local and international recipes.

Embrace each other amidst the luxury of romantic balcony rooms, feel miles away from all your daily worries and cherish time with the one you love.

Experience it all at Eden!

Vista Lounge